Great War of Debt - A soldier in medieval armor and helmet holding a sword above his head. 10
  Army Statistics by Year (if recruiting goes well): Last month I posted to officially declare war on debt. Although the battles began discreetly in January, it was time to publically announce the commitment to destroy the greedy barbarians. Before getting into July updates, let me share the three-year plan […]

July 2017 Army Updates – The Great War of Debt

A picture of a road that leads to a kingdom, symbolizing your journey towards your own!
Good morning, afternoon, or evening our fellow Dukes! In our last post on milestones, we mentioned a couple who paid off debt by living in a camper. We reached out to them a few weeks ago and asked if we could publish a guest post! It’s been posted! How To […]

Our Guest Post: “How To Take Advantage of Your 401(k) ...

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You’ve walked down VI of the XIII steps of the roadmap. Your army of greenbacks continues to grow and budgeting flourishes as a habit. You were brave enough to make a commitment for a better tomorrow and began investing into your 401(k). Emergencies are easily affordable for you – your […]

One Huge Step for Creating The FIRE Future You Desire! ...

Build goodwill with a solid handshake
A new series of posts Welcome to a new series of posts! We’re going to explore the concepts of goodwill in detail, discussing and defining three types of goodwill: personal goodwill, business goodwill, and GAAP goodwill. I plan to intersperse personal anecdotes with math and business case studies, to keep […]

Goodwill, Part 1: an intangible asset for businesses and your ...

Great War of Debt - A soldier in medieval armor and helmet holding a sword above his head. 10
The Great War of Debt It has been decided by the council of our debt free leaders, war is upon us! What kind of war? The great war of debt – we must rid our land of these greedy barbarians taking our gold each month! Since January 1st, 2017 – […]

Join Us – The Great War of Debt Has Begun!

To our fellow countrymen and women: On this long Independence Day weekend, as you gather with your family, remember that we are all Americans. We are traversing an unprecedented political climate, one that we have searched far and wide for some historical parallel in vain: we have found no situation […]

A More Perfect Union

We were honored to write a guest post as part of The Green Swan‘s FIRE-Side chat series this week. It was a great opportunity for us to share more of our story to the personal finance community, and also share some of the perspectives we have for the blog. It […]

Our FIRE-Side Chat on The Green Swan is today!!

The practice I pull up to an intersection, and the oncoming traffic is approaching briskly, but I have a small window: if I gun it, I can merge in. “Patience.” I’m working with a customer who is demanding and irate. My blood pressure spikes, I feel an adrenaline surge, and […]


One of the Personal Finance community’s bloggers published a post we wrote for them. Ryan is helping millennials change their family tree! Check it out here: A Call to Action – Invest Now!! We’ll soon be creating a featured page, to help track all of our guest post. We’re hoping […]

Our First Guest Post Published: A Call to Action – ...

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  Vivid pictures of dragons breathing burning red flames over the barracks you defend twist and turn in your mind – living the battle scene like it’s a fight for your home land. You look to the left and right, soldiers are fighting for their lives beside you. Smells of […]

Stupidly Simple Free Entertainment Resource? Your local library!

Great scene, eh movie I was thinking recently about a time that a previous employer asked me to do something completely unsavory. I tried to negotiate out of it, and I was turned down. After hanging up the phone, I started thinking about this scene. I’m not a big fan […]

Is this the best FI/RE movie scene? (NSFW)

We’re an action-oriented bunch, always looking to DO SOMETHING in order to achieve a goal. “What can I do to save money?” Try this: nothing! When it comes to money, the more important consideration can be what you’re not doing. As I survey the various habits and mindsets that I’ve […]

Save Money by Doing Nothing: Stop the Madness!

Congratulations, you have accomplished a long-term 4 year (or longer) goal of obtaining your new degree!!! With this milestone checked off the list, you begin your transition into adulting. Many commencement speakers have shared their messages with graduates all across the country. While thinking back to our own graduations, we […]

7 Personal Finance Tips for the Newly Graduated – Become ...