An investing process, not an analysis of Exxon-Mobil Today’s article is a case study of a lollapalooza: when many good concepts coalesce into single brilliant action. We’ll look at the rationale behind using ComputerShare to buy a stake in NYSE:XOM. Emerging from a challenging environment for oil prices, Exxon-Mobil is […]

For taxable investing, consider XOM through ComputerShare

  Should you pay off your mortgage? Yes. The real question is when should you pay off your mortgage? We think there’s a logical order of events to maximize not only your balance sheet but also the utility of your money. When researching this topic recently, we came across some […]

An Answer to the Timeless Question, Should you pay off ...

Emergency Fund - A red emergency sign above hospital entrance.
Your daughter is crying from the pain after her collision during the soccer game. You know a broken bone when you see one. It’s Saturday evening with no doctor office ope. She needs medical attention as soon as possible! There is a huge problem…your bank account can’t take a hit, […]

Can you handle a $400 Emergency in your life? Duke ...

You can smell him the moment he walks in the door. Mr. Market is absolutely trashed and is peddling his Nike shares for a discount after the company hit an absolute home run on quarterly earnings. Priced significantly less than the S&P500 on a P/E basis but with a favorable […]

Mr. Market is Drunk Today, Stumbles over Nike – $NKE

A 3-d pie graph with three asset allocations: Bonds, Stocks, and Spongebob collectibles 4
How to choose funds for 401(k) investing We’ll follow a three step process for choosing your 401(k) investment options: Decide on an overall asset allocation, for all accounts Review your plan options and eliminate a wide swath Apply your asset allocation to your 401(k) investments Decide on an asset allocation […]

How to choose funds for your 401(k)

Drake Case Study - An image of people jumping with their hands up at a night club 2
Good day to you fellow Dukes, Today we want to take a step back in time to 2013, a time where headlines gave insight into an excessive amount of money being spent by Drake in Cameo Nightclub. Successful celebrities in the entertainment industry can amass a huge fortune. In America […]

Celebrity Case Study: What if Drake Invested the $50,000 Cameo ...

Unshakeable - A woman sitting on the ledge looking out over the city
Welcome dukes to part two of our first book review: Unshakeable by Tony Robbins. In part 1, we summarized and talked through section one, the first four chapters, on your wealth playbook. In part two, we will be focusing on section two and three, the unshakeable playbook and psychology of […]

Build an Unshakeable Kingdom – Part 2 – Book Review: ...

Unshakeable - A guy standing on a high rock with barely any room looking at a elevated view.
Hello my fellow dukes, and welcome to our first book review! Tony Robbins released Unshakeable last week as your financial freedom playbook. The book was co-authored by Peter Mallouck from Creative Planning. After reading it this weekend, we want to take you through highlights of each section/chapter, and provide our […]

Build an Unshakeable Kingdom – Part 1 – Book Review: ...

Today we rushed to the tornado sirens to blare them across the land after reading this damning bit of statistics. If you’re young, there’s a greater than 1/3 chance that you’re spending more on coffee than retirement??? EMERGENCY!! Whats the big deal? Why is this such a big deal? After […]

Is coffee roasting your savings? If so – it’s an ...

A picture of a road that leads to a kingdom, symbolizing your journey towards your own!
  Hello and welcome to our second post of the 401(k) series, 401(k) contribution. In post one, we deciphered one of the most popular retirement accounts for you! In our second post in our 401(k) series, we will dive into the specifics of 401(k)contributions. We discuss how company matches provide […]

Do you like free 401(k) contribution money? Contribute to your ...

Deciphering the 401(k) - a huge block of code on a screen that needs deciphered.
  Welcome Dukes! You have successfully completed the foundation to your kingdom. Now that the concrete has completed cured, we move on to our kingdom’s walls. Our wall design documents have two action items: 401(k)’s and emergency funds. Before we begin talking through our first action item, please refill your […]

Deciphering the Traditional 401(k) – One of the Biggest Tools ...

See part 1 of our Sturm Ruger & Co (NYSE:RGR) analysis here. Marketing guns Spoiler Alert: We’re not answering the question in the title, but it’s an interesting thought to ponder. Guns are cool. That’s the takeaway message from just about every movie, TV show, and video game in existence. […]

Sturm, Ruger & Co (NYSE:RGR) – Part 2: How many ...

  Come hither to our next stop (III) on your road to building a financial kingdom, committing to financial stability! As a young duke, you’ve gathered your resources and created your budget to track your cash flow. These foundational steps have shown you are dedicated. ‘Tis the time to solidify […]

Committing to Financial Stability – Are You Brave Enough?

      Welcome to the first stop on the road to architecting your personal financial kingdom: developing a consistent income. Without money flowing in, passive or active, there will be no resources available to build the empire of a fulfilling life! So what’s the most reliable way to generate […]

How to build a consistent income

A black road with a white arrow pointing straight ahead, showing its time to move to the next road map item.
  Welcome to the third and last post of our budget series. In post one, we defined a budget and reasons its imperative. In post two, we rated common budget strategies. And now, making a budget! We will take you through six simple steps to make a beginner’s budget that […]

Making a Budget – 6 Simple Steps to Implement a ...