The practice I pull up to an intersection, and the oncoming traffic is approaching briskly, but I have a small window: if I gun it, I can merge in. “Patience.” I’m working with a customer who is demanding and irate. My blood pressure spikes, I feel an adrenaline surge, and […]


One of the Personal Finance community’s bloggers published a post we wrote for them. Ryan is helping millennials change their family tree! Check it out here: A Call to Action – Invest Now!! We’ll soon be creating a featured page, to help track all of our guest post. We’re hoping […]

Our First Guest Post Published: A Call to Action – ...

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  Vivid pictures of dragons breathing burning red flames over the barracks you defend twist and turn in your mind – living the battle scene like it’s a fight for your home land. You look to the left and right, soldiers are fighting for their lives beside you. Smells of […]

Stupidly Simple Free Entertainment Resource? Your local library!

Great scene, eh movie I was thinking recently about a time that a previous employer asked me to do something completely unsavory. I tried to negotiate out of it, and I was turned down. After hanging up the phone, I started thinking about this scene. I’m not a big fan […]

Is this the best FI/RE movie scene? (NSFW)

We’re an action-oriented bunch, always looking to DO SOMETHING in order to achieve a goal. “What can I do to save money?” Try this: nothing! When it comes to money, the more important consideration can be what you’re not doing. As I survey the various habits and mindsets that I’ve […]

Save Money by Doing Nothing: Stop the Madness!

Congratulations, you have accomplished a long-term 4 year (or longer) goal of obtaining your new degree!!! With this milestone checked off the list, you begin your transition into adulting. Many commencement speakers have shared their messages with graduates all across the country. While thinking back to our own graduations, we […]

7 Personal Finance Tips for the Newly Graduated – Become ...

Dating – a costly adventure Extreme dating – WOOOO!!! No, we’re not talking about expanding your dating game to include sky diving or free-climbing El Capitan. As a financial blog, we’re more focused on the money side of the mating ritual. Whether you’re an old married couple counting the decades […]

Spice up your dating life with EXTREME DATING!

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Student Loan Debt in America According to the Institute for College Access and Success, “Seven in 10 seniors (68%) who graduated from public and nonprofit colleges in 2015 had student loan debt, with an average of $30,100 per borrower. This represents a 4% increase from the average debt of 2014 graduates.” Why […]

Average Student Loan Debt in the US = 30K! Find ...

A look back at our Sturm Ruger Co (RGR) analyses Soon after launching Duke of Dollars, we introduced our investment philosophies and then published an in-depth analysis of Sturm, Ruger & Co. Part 1 focused on the biography of the company and the popular narrative surrounding the current stock price. […]

As $RGR blasts passed $60/share, we revisit our February Ruger ...

Coffee – the elixir that metamorphosizes a groggy eye, disoriented stumbling night owl just waking up into a fully functional productive machine!!  Each morning your senses are entranced from the whole process. Your nose becomes intoxicated as its brewing. Your mouth becomes drenched as you pour it. Your hands and […]

An Investment Opportunity for Coffee Drinkers!!

Dividends: frenemy status achieved A bit of a rambling post from one of the authors incoming. You may have seen – and hopefully celebrated with us – the other author’s recent success overcoming the $0 net worth mark and powering ever further up the mountain. Godspeed, friend! On the other […]

A few thoughts on dividends and DGI strategy

Trump Meme -. Uncle Sam with Trump's face with text "I want you to pay for my travel" 2
OK we know everyone’s tired of seeing articles about the political impact of our new President, so we thought why not add some personal finance to one of the most reiterated news flash every weekend: TRUMP IS SPENDING OUR TAX MONEY TO GO ON GOLF TRIPS TO HIS PRIVATE CLUB. […]

It can take up to 155,000 American Households to cover ...

This market seems to forget about both debt and cash on a company’s balance sheet. With low rates, it’s easy to disregard the cashflow asphyxiation that debt servicing can impose upon a company. If and when rates increase, investors will start to care a LOT more about kind of debt […]

$JNJ (Johnson & Johnson) earnings – meh. Patiently holding for ...

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  Are you ready to have your perspectives challenged and mindset revitalized? We just finished re-reading The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy tonight, and want to share its surprising secrets with you!! College Mindset as a Millennial Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat began to revolutionize how we […]

The Life Transforming Book Review – The Millionaire Next Door