Paying for Cable Early Retirement Sin Confession: Forgive me Mustache, for I have sinned (and continue to sin). I’m one of the seemingly few youngish people who pays for cable TV. What’s worse — I pay for extra services, including an upgraded channel lineup, cloud DVR, HD service, and two […]

How I made $540/hr very briefly

To our fellow countrymen and women: On this long Independence Day weekend, as you gather with your family, remember that we are all Americans. We are traversing an unprecedented political climate, one that we have searched far and wide for some historical parallel in vain: we have found no situation […]

A More Perfect Union

The practice I pull up to an intersection, and the oncoming traffic is approaching briskly, but I have a small window: if I gun it, I can merge in. “Patience.” I’m working with a customer who is demanding and irate. My blood pressure spikes, I feel an adrenaline surge, and […]