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About - A glass mug sitting on a wall filled with golden beer.You’re probably wondering, who are the blokes writing on how to build your financial kingdom, why are they taking time on top of working full time to write, and why should I begin building my kingdom?

Take a walk with us young sir or madame down to our kingdom inn.

First, let’s grab ourselves a mug, filled to the brim.

Second, order your favorite meal. This one is on us :).

Third, take a seat and let us celebrate another Duke joining the charge! A toast to you!

Now shall we begin our chat?


What is Duke of Dollars?

Duke of Dollars is a personal finance, investment, and lifestyle blog launched in 2017 by two close friends. One author is close to an early retirement, and the other just recently achieved a positive net worth. They both believe in relentlessly pursuing personal growth. Motivated by behavioral and mental models, the authors seek to learn from the experience of great people. They study strategies for success and diligently incorporate the best habits into their lives. Starting with themselves and expanding ever-outward, the authors seek to make the world a better place.

Why are we writing to the world?

We’ve always been fascinated with people who are able to grow the people in their lives. Coaches like Coach Carter who help players change the course of their lives. Teachers like Erin Gruwell from Freedom Writers who breaks tradition by changing the culture for success. Executives who treat their employees as people instead of numbers – the list goes on.

When you have a passion in your life, and you see a need for education, you use it as an opportunity. We want to help the world in their quest to build their finances into a solid foundation, changing money into a tool they wield, rather than a scarce resource dictating their stress levels. We aspire to pass on values we believe help achieve the happiness so much desired in our society – growing a community a long the way.

Our goal and objective is to enrich and educate those who are willing to commit, then sacrifice for their long term life ambitions towards financial success!

Join in the journey today -> there is only one way to earn the life you want, that is by deserving it!

Why build a kingdom and where to start?

Take a second to read our first post, it’ll put you on the right path!

What can we find on the blog?

We will be posting about various topics, from beginner personal finance to advanced. Below are the top level categories for you to browse.

Posts by Category:

Building Wealth -Accumulating Cash

There are many personal finance sites on the web. We provide easy steps to take on your journey to a wealthy life.

Take advantage of the tax breaks available to savers, understand the different types of accounts, and plow through the roadblocks of filling out a personal balance sheet.

Using Wealth – How to spend your accumulated cash

You have financial stability. How can you use it to make more? Buy a house? Donate to charity? Retire?

Lifestyle – Living a wealthy life

How to balance frugality with living your life. Examples: habits, stoicism, mindset, frugal or not frugal (that is the question), gratitude, appreciation.

Investing – Buying equities that create wealth

How to evaluate businesses for the long term. Index and ETF investing. Real estate. Creating a portfolio. If interest rates ever warrant the effort, we’ll cover fixed income as well.

In Conclusion

Thank you for reading more about us. We look forward to hearing from you. Let us know how your journey is going!