In light of recent events, detailed here by Chris, Jack has donated $100 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which currently holds a Charity Navigator rating of 96.18/100. In order to stuff their coffers further, we’re offering to match $5 for each comment on this post that states the poster […]

Now matching donations to @EFF to fight @FCC on net ...

Fellow Dukes – I am currently LIVID at the potential repeal of Net Neutrality. The thought of companies censoring information, charging for access to specific sites, and charging even more for business site performance has me in all sorts of annoyance. I don’t even LIKE politics, but I do like […]

The Bonkersness of the FCC’s Repeal of Net Neutrality and ...

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Welcome fellow Dukes! Today’s the day we talk about our first step to fortify the kingdom with extra defenses!! Just to quickly catch up on what you’ve accomplished so far (celebrate this!) – let us review: First things first, you laid down your foundation by filling your coffers with cash each […]

DoD Health Savings Account (HSA) 101: What, How, and Why ...

Health insurance sucks
Individual health insurance is broken. Badly. The image alone should speak for itself, but I’ll add a few terse words. I’m livid right now, and will keep this short to avoid a long, rambling rant about the political BS that landed health insurance in such a disastrous state. Available health […]

Health Insurance Wasteland – 2018 Individual Plans Suck

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It feels as though it has been awhile since writing to you all. Well that’s because it has been for me :). Great to be back fellow dukes, the last two months have been absolutely hectic with traveling around 8 weeks of the last 10. It was quite hard to […]

October 2017 Army Updates – The Great War of Debt

All readers of personal finance blogs and especially those chasing early retirement have already figured out that money is an immensely powerful tool if you understand exactly what it can buy. For the FIRE community, money can buy freedom. It can buy your time. In a sense, we’re all indentured […]

Money can buy happiness – thoughts on direct charity

Paying for Cable Early Retirement Sin Confession: Forgive me Mustache, for I have sinned (and continue to sin). I’m one of the seemingly few youngish people who pays for cable TV. What’s worse — I pay for extra services, including an upgraded channel lineup, cloud DVR, HD service, and two […]

How I made $540/hr very briefly

Our Fellow Dukes! How is life? Jack and I have had quite the schedule the last few weeks, and hope to get back into the groove of writing as the summer weather ends. We aren’t giving up on the blog nor getting bored with, in actuality we still talk about […]

3 Reasons: Why We Should Say No to Emailing Personal ...

Fraud vs Stolen Identity I’ve experienced my fair share of credit fraud over the past couple decades. Maybe that’s because Credit Karma tells me I have more accounts than 100% of their users. Most often, a card number is stolen, a fraudulent purchase appears, I report it, maybe have to […]

You probably own some $EFX – Equifax, #Equihax

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Happy Labor day! With many of us getting the day off from work spending our time with friends and family instead, we reflect on just how important they can be in our lives. The FIRE movement for most of us taking it on can be boiled down to the sentence: […]

Celebrate Labor Day! Why We Work Like Hell for Our ...

great war of debt - 270x250
  Planned Army Statistics by Year (Unchanged from July): In July, I posted to officially declare war on debt. Although the battles began discreetly in January, it was time to publically announce the commitment to destroy the greedy barbarians. Before getting into August updates, let me share the three-year plan […]

August 2017 Army Updates – The Great War of Debt

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Welcome new subscribers, or shall I say – our new fellow dukes!! We are happy to have you join in on building your kingdom and look forward to learning more from you! With summer’s end right around the corner, we reflect not only on a great summer full of new […]

10 Takeaways We’ve Learned Blogging in our first 10K Views!!

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In the past, we’ve talked about making a comeback like the Patriots did this year. Consistently we’ve hinted in our blog that in this world – you are the executive, head honcho, CEO, tribe leader, and Master Duke of your Kingdom! Today I am so proud of my friend Jack […]

Our Guest Post on J. Money’s Budgets Are Sexy Blog!!

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Welcome to part two of creating your why, purpose, and milestones towards the financial future envisioned for you in the years to come! In part one, we asked – “sacrificing instant gratification with the promise of a prosperous future – you begin to ask, why am I doing this?” From there, […]

One Huge Step for Creating The FIRE Future You Desire! ...

Good morning fellow Dukes and Happy Saturday!! This week on one of my daily walks, I decided to check out the FREE Warren Buffet documentary on Youtube. I wanted to share a few quick lessons we can learn from it, and encourage a watch when time allows. Circle of Competence […]

Free Warren Buffet HBO Documentary On Youtube!