Coffee – the elixir that metamorphose a groggy eye, disoriented stumbling night owl just waking up into a fully functional productive machines!!  Each morning your senses are entranced from the whole process. Your nose becomes intoxicated as its brewing. Your mouth becomes drenched as you pour it. Your hands and […]

The Best Investment Opportunity for Coffee Drinkers!! Save ~$90 after ...

Dividends: frenemy status achieved A bit of a rambling post from one of the authors incoming. You may have seen – and hopefully celebrated with us – the other author’s recent success overcoming the $0 net worth mark and powering ever further up the mountain. Godspeed, friend! On the other […]

A few thoughts on dividends and DGI strategy

Trump Meme -. Uncle Sam with Trump's face with text "I want you to pay for my travel"
OK we know everyone’s tired of seeing articles about the political impact of our new President, so we thought why not add some personal finance to one of the most reiterated news flash every weekend: TRUMP IS SPENDING OUR TAX MONEY TO GO ON GOLF TRIPS TO HIS PRIVATE CLUB. […]

It can take up to 155,000 American Households to cover ...

This market seems to forget about both debt and cash on a company’s balance sheet. With low rates, it’s easy to disregard the cashflow asphyxiation that debt servicing can impose upon a company. If and when rates increase, investors will start to care a LOT more about kind of debt […]

$JNJ (Johnson & Johnson) earnings – meh. Patiently holding for ...

Millionaire - A man crouched looking over a cliff to see all of the low clouds in the horizon 4
  Are you ready to have your perspectives challenged and mindset revitalized? We just finished re-reading The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy – tonight, and want to share its surprising secrets with you!! College Mindset as a Millennial Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat began to revolutionize how […]

The Life Transforming Book Review – The Millionaire Next Door

Sometimes we’ve been asked to help friends and family file taxes. While we’re not tax advisors in any sense, we do relish the opportunity to help others learn to do it yourself (DIY) taxes – but only when the tax scenario is simple. Not only does DIY taxes save money […]

Ask your tax software if contributing to an IRA is ...

A few articles crossed my desk recently, and I promptly dismissed them with a chuckle, until I noticed a pattern. The mainstream financial media has recently used Market Capitalization as the de facto yardstick for determining if one company is “bigger” or “more valuable” than another. Using this metric results […]

Tesla ($TSLA) more valuable than Ford ($F)? Bigger than $GM? ...

Net Worth Hump - camels with their riders sitting down in the open desert.
A bit of one of the Duke’s story… Net worth – your total assets less your total liabilities. A VIP KPI (key performance indicator) we track in our financial kingdom construction project. Coming from college, I fit right in with the average American that graduates with student loan debt and […]

Milestone Reached: a Positive Net Worth!!

An investing process, not an analysis of Exxon-Mobil Today’s article is a case study of a lollapalooza: when many good concepts coalesce into single brilliant action. We’ll look at the rationale behind using ComputerShare to buy a stake in NYSE:XOM. Emerging from a challenging environment for oil prices, Exxon-Mobil is […]

For taxable investing, consider XOM through ComputerShare